Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog Day 5: Blue Lagoon


After the fun of yesterday it was time to do some more tourist sights and see some more of Icelands beautiful countryside that it has to offer.

First though we took a quick trip to the Reykjavík Sunday market to look at what they had to offer. There was a plethora of Iceland wool jumpers, gloves and hats as well as some local food delicacy’s from shark to a wide range of fish. 

Next it was time for a visit to the blue lagoon. The bus ride on the way there was stunning with the lava fields being a true highlight of the trip and one of my favourite landscapes in the world. On arrival at the blue lagoon it was truly amazing to just sit back and relax in the warm blue waters. I spent a while in the waters sat on the rocks and really enjoying the view. I have been to the blue lagoon twice before, but coming back when it was colder personally made it more enjoyable as there was more steam and it made the water more conformable to be in.

After lots of photos and returning we were supposed to go and see the northern lights but the weather today was poor so we’re going to try again tomorrow.

Here are a selection of the photos.

IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3597 IMG_3599

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