Iceland Airwaves Day Three: Axel Flóvent, Good Moon Deer, Milkywhale (REVIEW)

Axel Flóvent// 5:00 PM SLIPPBARINN

Axel Flóvent played with his band at Slippbarinn which is an off venue. The venue was small and the musicians were clustered together on stage. With a messy head of hair he switched between playing guitar and piano. He played from his July 2015 EP Forest Fires which is full of love songs, and angst. Axel immediately tugged at the heart strings of many and captured the attention of those missing Bon Iver’s raw honesty. Though the show was small it was full of passion. Everyone on stage was moving and jamming out. It was similar to a session new musicians would have jamming out in a friend’s place. The vibe was homey. The last song they played was “Snow” sounded like a poem, the four stanza song laments similar to Bon Iver’s “Michicant” but with its own twist of hopefulness. At times the music sound didn’t match the lyrics, but in a way that’s what makes Axel Flóvent’s music his own, his remarkable ability to change the meaning of words with melodies.

 Good Moon Deer //8:50 HarpaNorðurljós

Graphic designer by day and musician by night, Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson makes up the music of Good Moon Deer. The show started off weird and ended weird. It began with a projection of short clips behind the dancers, it flickered between balloons, hair, and hands while Good Moon Deer stood in the dark with his hoodie over his head. The sound was similar to a dial-up computer. Each glitchy sound alerted the performers on stage as what to do next. One girl stood on the left side of the stage eating grapes, while another man held a pitcher of milk. The whole concept was extremely intense and cult-like. The dancers held every day objects and interacted with them in odd ways, for example a traffic cone became a peg leg. There was an exercise ball, a squirt bottle, and a soccer ball being traded between performers. Good Moon Deer himself just jolted back and forth on his keyboard without saying a word. The set went on for forty minutes without a pause while black and white lights flashed. The sound itself was cyber space music, a specific electronic that could be mistaken for noise. He quilted each sound into a fluid show which sounded like melodic jazz cyber music. 


Milkywhale// 9:40 Harpa Norðurljós

Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir known as Milkywhale had to be one of the popular jokers in high school. While playing tonight she was never short on energy. She danced, and jumped, and shouted. The moment she came on stage she immediately interacted with the audience asking how we were and if we were ready. It was a witty banter between her and I. She danced around and encouraged the audience to follow her. The lights flickered pink and red while she sang over a fast paced beat. For her final song she played “Birds of Paradise” and each dance motion she made seemed perfectly in place. As a vocalist Milkywhale was loud, but balanced between a pop sound and a shouting hip-hop vibe. The show was more of a performance than it was a concert since it relied so heavily on dance. During her set she pulled her microphone back and forth lifting the stand into the air. She fed off the energy in the audience, and joked about drinking her water bottle with all eyes on her.



I saw a woman strip down and dive into the ocean today. It was 48 degrees and I believe she was a mermaid.


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