Iceland Airwaves Day Three (11/6): Par-Ðar, Gisli Palmi, Skepta and JME


Today was another interesting one. I did my last interview for my cultural pieces and created my first draft of the during piece on Street Art. I also had a little exploration of Reykjavik having a few stops in some nice shops.

Onto the evening.

First up was Par-Dar who have been labeled as “an exiting new hippie band that plays psychedelic rock in a unique way”. They’ve only had one major release “I don’t know who I am” but they’re destined for big things as the group meld big guitar riffs with strong lyrics.

The band for the live performance consisted of two guitarists, one bass player, a drummer, an electric organist, backing vocals and even some clarinet and tuba for some of the songs. The band played well together with their biggest strength being strong vocal harmonies as the whole band united through singing. The big crescendos in the music were well received and their ability to glide through the tracks without breaks was a great move.

Next was Gisli Palmi a young rapper (24) from Reykjavik whose certainly been making it big. He released his first album Gísli Pálmi this year to great crowd support with a line forming outside a record store in downtown Reykjavik for a chance to be the first to hear his album. He has been slightly though rapping about bling, drugs and promiscuous women.

His live performance was high energy with big trap beats proving why he’s been so popular. Gisli was a true rap superstar as he stood on stage with his crew, the Glacier Mafia. He knew how to perfectly work the crowd getting them to chant along at the choruses as he strode around the stage topless and waved his arms around. The visuals truly added to the performance with 3D pill bottles, a gold digger and masked statues making it a true spectacle to behold.

Skepta and JME are two brothers who have been around for a long time. Best known for their work in Boy Better Know these London natives are some of the most important men in the UK Grime movement. They’re probably best known for their tracks “Too Many Man” “That’s Not Me” and this years grime anthem “Shutdown”. Receiving support from Kanye West and Drake these two have certainly been having a good year.

The performance was really energetic with Skepta and JME commanding the stage and one of the dubstep founders DJ Plastician behind the decks. The set was truly a hits selection from the last 10 years of the grime scene, featuring huge tracks like “That’s Not Me,” “German Whip” and “Shutdown”. The brothers truly worked the crowd bringing the energy to the max with crowdsurfing and mosh pits.

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