Iceland Airwaves Day Three (11/6): Great Mountain Fire, Lonelady, Sin Fang (REVIEW)


Tonight was night three of Iceland Airwaves,  the half way point through the festival. At 9:40 PM Great Mountain Fire took the stage at Gamla Bíó. A five piece band out of Brussels, Belgium, Great Mountain Fire filled the room with incredible energy. They all danced around the stage with a carefree essence, focusing on jamming out their psychedelic pop. The members had a seemed to have a good sense of humor and encouraged dancing. For how much passion they put into a half an hour set, it seemed to end quickly. They very easily could have played on.


Lonelady, a British rock musician played later on in the evening at 11:50 PM at Harpa. She was an amazing performer, using heavy beats and riffing guitar. She switched between guitar and bass for a few songs, which showed her ability as a multi-intrumentalist. She had a funky 80’s punk flare with the way that she incorporated the use of synths with some of her songs. The projections that were used throughout the show displayed a more artistic side to her. They alternated using images, words, sayings, and repeating graphics which added a whole new level to the audience experience. She stuck straight to the performance, not taking much time for talk, making it clear that she was there for the purpose of bringing funk to the audience.


Sin Fang followed shortly after at Harpa, beginning at 12:50 PM. He started the show strong, with many people in the audience who packed in to see him. His voice had a fantastic range, especially on the higher octaves. He addressed the crowd with a hilariously dry humor, which everyone appreciated. A few songs into the show however, he seemed to begin having some technical difficulties. It seemed to have taken an effect on his performance, as he began to fumble a bi the crowd noticed. It seemed it might have continued on as well, as he seemed discouraged as the show came to an end. He played for a little more than a half an hour, which seemed short. Perhaps it was cut off because of technical challenges or maybe that was how it was planned to be. To have played one of the closing shows though, the crowd seemed to have expected him to play longer.  Whatever problems aside, he sounded great and dealt with the issues well. He closed the show in the best way possible and the crowd didn’t seem to mind anyway.


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