Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/7): The Golden Circle

Today I finally got the chance to wander to the countryside of Iceland, and it did not disappoint. This is what I have been waiting for. It was just as beautiful as you would expect it to be. (Okay, maybe I really wanted to see puffins, and I didn’t. So that was the only sad part. But there were those cute ponies…)

You leave the city and it really is just an endless wilderness. I’m not even sure if the pictures do it justice whatsoever, but it does come close. We explored the 300 km loop called the Golden Circle. Along the way we saw really fluffy sheep scattering the fields. Not only that, but Icelandic horses, which were absolutely adorable! Especially seeing them gallop across open spaces, there really isn’t anything more majestic than that. There were so many of them! The scenery was composed of separating tectonic plates, geysers, vast landscapes, lakes and an astounding waterfall. There was not a single thing obstructing your views.


Seeing this pristine nature first hand was such an experience. There are so many untouched places in the world, so many places that people never see, so many places that humans have limited impact on, and this is one of them. That’s outstanding. That’s amazing to know that’s below your feet.


It really is a lucky thing that I am able to be here. That I can stand feet away from one of the largest roaring waterfalls I have ever seen in my entire life. That I can have my jean jacket, pants, and hair soaked with pouring rain and mist. That I can experience beauty on that kind of level. That I can see the earth in its most vast and natural state. There’s so much all around you, it’s just what you choose to be a part of.



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