Iceland Airwaves Day 4 (11/7): Golden Circle

I fell in love today. Not with a person, but with the beautiful landscape that Iceland embraces even through the abrasive cold. After spending the last few days immersed in the music of Icelandic Airwaves, I didn’t believed that I could love the country anymore than I already had. To my own surprise, I was wrong.


Outside the quaint city of Reykjavík is an open world to explore. Far landscapes are broken up by the natural architecture that the climate has created. Mountains and rivers separate the crumbling land as I find myself feeling as though I have become a character in an alternative fairytale. As Bilbo Baggins once set off on his own adventure, I now started mine (even in a place with a history of elves and trolls).

When starting a quest into the unknown, it’s good to prepare yourself for any type of weather. After waiting way longer than five minutes for the weather to change the last several days, the sun finally came out. Having the sun on my side, the journey unfolded before me.

I entered first into the Thingvellir National Park. Every twist and turn throughout the maze of mossed covered rocks unlocked another breathtaking view. Iceland’s pools of waters and winding rivers reflected even the dim light of the sun, contrasting the deep greens and grays of the battered landscape. While time was short in the park, it didn’t take away from the live experience of questing about the ups and downs of the open path.


Next, we ventured out further into the depths of Iceland, leading us into the Geysir geothermal area. Surrounded by geysers, the heated omitted by the individual locations ran through the air.The time spent there laid in hues of oranges, browns and crystal clear water. As clouds of steam emerged around me, I felt as though I was entrapped in a perpetual fog machine.


The last stop left me in awe. The significant size of the incredibly beautiful Gullfoss brought the reality of how small I am to life. Watching the significance of such a natural beauty left me speechless. With crashing waves of the waterfall, I embraced the comfort of the white noise falling around me. The adventure to embark to the waterfall and back was a trek, but in the end, added to the experience. The work taken to get to the beautiful masterpiece proved to be a reward as the waterfall came into view. Even with a downpour of raining falling around me, it pained to leave the relaxing and eye-opening sight of Golden Falls.


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