Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog Day Four: The Golden Circle


Through bitter chill air and downpour, our group went on the Golden Circle Tour today. Our stops were the Mid-Atlantic ridge, where the North American tectonic plate meets with the Eurasian tectonic plate. We next went to some Icelandic geysers, and along the way saw some sheep (including black sheep, which we all loved!) and adorable Icelandic ponies nearly everywhere. The final stop was the soaking wet one, which was the¬†Gullfoss waterfall. I sadly did not partake in that adventure as I was already a bit soaked through, but it was pretty funny to see my classmates come up the walkway soaked to their toes. In the end, it was great to spend time with the group, and see the Icelandic countryside. Here’s some pictures of our day!


IMG_2110ccc IMG_2120ccc IMG_2132ccc IMG_2121ccc IMG_2107ccc IMG_2128ccc IMG_2151ccc IMG_2100ccc


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