Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog: Iceland Adventures

Today was surreal. I took in sights that I had never seen before let alone knew were possible. As we left Reykjavík behind, I noticed yet another unique aspect of the world’s northernmost capital city. Reykjavík’s metropolitan area is filled with three main types of architecture:  industrial, modern, and traditional. All blended and coexisting perfectly, creating a one in a kind look for the city.

We have rugged terrain in California but nothing compared to Iceland. Iceland is harsh and unforgiving. Moss covered cracks in the earth, geothermal hotspots, terrifyingly active volcanoes, harrowing  waterfalls, jagged mountain ranges, and ancient glaciers. Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir National Park), Gullfoss (Golden Falls), and Strokkur, one of Iceland’s many geysers, were all on the agenda today. A dream come true, there are no words I can ever write to truly describe what I saw or felt  today, you must see it for yourself. Iceland is truly a magical place.

We encountered the famous Icelandic Sheep, known for their hearty wool, horses, geysers and charming locals who live in the remote countryside of Iceland. We crossed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge onto the Eurasian plate, got up close and personal with a waterfall, and much more. Thank you Reykjavík Excursions for an amazing tour!

Check out some of the awesome sites we saw today!




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