Iceland Airwaves Interview: Mani Orrason (LISTEN)

We’re headed to Iceland Airwaves to cover the festival and cultural stories! Follow our adventures live beginning Nov. 4 right here on our blog and our main class page where we’ll be reviewing shows each night, producing audio stories and more. Check out a story from our preview show, which aired on WCRX.

Iceland born singer-songwriter Mani Orrason is a soon-to-be 18-year old playing this year’s Iceland Airwaves. He’s grown up between both Iceland and Spain. His first single “Fed All My Days” was released a year ago in Spain and it quickly became number one on the Icelandic charts. Orrason has since released a full-length album this past April. Repeating Patterns is an indie album full of maturity for someone just about to break into adulthood. Orrason says all of his songs begin with him and an acoustic guitar, keeping it simple, honest and real.

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