Iceland Airwaves Preview: Social Media 101 For Festival Fans (Listen)

We’re headed to Iceland Airwaves to cover the festival and cultural stories! Follow our adventures live beginning Nov. 4 right here on our blog and our main class page where we’ll be reviewing shows each night, producing audio stories and more. Check out a story from our preview show, which aired on WCRX.

The digital age is upon us. Different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are surrounding our every move. This is turning our accounts into a day-to-day resume for the world to view. Whether it’s personal or professional, the virtual age has gone viral. From Iceland Airwaves to the smallest music festival, social media strategy is changing the way people connect, network, and see live shows. Adam Weiser of AEG Live, Henny María Frímannsdóttir of Iceland Airwaves, and Soffía Kristín Jónsdóttir of Iceland Sync discuss how to survive and dominate the social media game when traveling to your next live show experience.

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