Iceland Airwaves Preview: Mani Orrason

Releasing his first single late last year, “Fed All My Days” (2014), and his first full-length album this past April, Repeating Patterns (2015), folk singer-songwriter Mani Orrason has recently emerged within the Icelandic indie music scene. Growing up in a home with a lot of musical influence, Orrason has been a multi-instrumentalist since a young age. Although he is coming upon his 18th birthday this December, his alluring lyrics and soulful voice show that Orrason’s songwriting maturity is without question. Among many things, his lyrics discuss creating his own direction rather than following those of others, his fear of fate, and how he is learning what the world truly is. A wonderful blend between vocals, beats and guitar, each of his songs vary slightly in style, which makes for an interesting reflection on life as well as reality.

Check out his music video for “Fed All My Days” (2014).

Mani Orrason will be performing Sunday, November 8th at 8:50 p.m. at Gaukurinn.

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