Iceland Airwaves Preview: Dikta

Hailing from a Garðabær garage, Dikta is a group of friends who have known each other and practiced their musical craft since elementary school. This indie rock band has become not only an Iceland Airwaves constant performer, it earned them a mention in Rolling Stone in 2006, according to In 2002, they released their first album, Andartak, under their own label but have since then released all-English albums that climb the charts in their home country as well as in other waters. Their melodic and haunting music is relatable, especially with the lyrics written by lead singer Haukur himself that speak to broken hearts and the healed. Dikta is able to play on every emotion. The song, “Get It Together,” from their third album, Get It Together, reached platinum in Iceland. Dikta is now working with German producer Sky Van Hoff on their new album set to release this year. Their latest release and hit in Iceland is a single called “We’ll Meet Again,” which has their similar rocking sound with a more catchy sound than their previous work.

Dikta performs Wednesday, November 4th at Harpa Norđurljós at 11:20 p.m.


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